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X (formerly twitter): Poised to Revolutionize the Streaming World

image of X(formerly twitter) logo and streamlabs logos divided by a white slash.

X’s Ambitious Leap into Streaming


In the dynamic world of digital content, streaming platforms are continually evolving. X, formerly known as Twitter, is making waves with its latest advancements. By integrating Streamlabs and rolling out features tailored for live streaming, X is setting itself up as a formidable contender in the streaming industry.

Streamlabs Integration

A game-changing development for X is its integration with Streamlabs, a premier provider of streaming tools. This partnership allows creators to leverage Streamlabs’ extensive toolkit directly on X. “Creators can now use Streamlabs’ comprehensive suite of streaming tools directly on X,” Streamlabs announced. With customizable alerts, donation tracking, and real-time audience interaction, this integration simplifies the streaming process, making it more accessible for newcomers and enhancing the experience for veteran streamers.

User-Friendly Streaming

X has streamlined live streaming to be as user-friendly as possible. Starting a live video is as easy as tapping the live icon in the composer and adding a description and location. This simplicity encourages more spontaneous and authentic broadcasts, engaging audiences in real-time. Additionally, X supports live streaming through third-party hardware and software, offering flexibility for creators with advanced needs.

Enhanced Discoverability and Engagement

X’s existing social media infrastructure is a significant advantage, enhancing discoverability and engagement. Live videos appear in followers’ timelines and are searchable within the platform, broadening the potential audience reach. Engagement features such as hearts, comments, and sharing options boost viewer interaction, helping streamers build and sustain a community of loyal viewers.

Versatile Content Platform

X supports a broad spectrum of content types, from casual vlogs and gaming streams to professional webinars and live events. This versatility attracts a diverse array of creators and viewers, creating a rich and varied content ecosystem. Post-broadcast, streamers can edit titles, thumbnails, and starting points, adding flexibility and improving viewer retention.

Monetization Opportunities

For content creators, monetization is crucial. X offers multiple revenue generation avenues. Streamers can receive donations via Streamlabs, and the platform supports ad and subscription monetization strategies. These features enable creators to earn a sustainable income, motivating them to produce high-quality content.

New Streaming Policy: Premium Members Only

In a significant and controversial shift, X is transitioning to allow only premium members to stream on the platform. This move is expected to enhance the quality of content and provide more exclusive features to paying members. However, the decision does raise eyebrows of users not yet subscribed to X premium as possibly a way X is trying to financially stabilize. The announcement was made on the official X Live account:

Interview with X Streamer Jimmy McCambridge



To gain insights from the creator community, we reached out to Jimmy McCambridge (@JimmyMack0320), a streamer in our LSNDB database who primarily streams on X.

Here’s what he had to say.

Technical Experience

Jimmy McCambridge sheds light on some challenges: “It’s always a bit frustrating to need to use a 3rd party program like Streamlabs or OBS just to run video on their platform.” He suggests a more integrated approach using Spaces, which would enhance user interaction by allowing audience members to speak and interact directly, thus making X a more engaging platform compared to others like Twitch, Kick, and Rumble.

Platform Preference

McCambridge prefers X over other platforms due to its adult demographic. “X provides that guarantee better than any other platform,” he says, pointing out that X’s engagement and discoverability far surpass other streaming services. He believes that as live streams on X become more visible and interactive, the platform will eclipse others in the streaming space.

Suggestions for Improvement

McCambridge notes, “Chat engagement will come from audience members being able to unmute and communicate.” He also emphasizes the need for better algorithm and chat functionality to enhance user experience. While subscriptions are currently limited, expanding this feature would benefit more content creators.

Recommendation for Other Streamers

McCambridge strongly advocates for X, especially for gaming content creators. “If you’re a gaming content creator looking to invest in your future, it makes no sense not to stream here over other platforms.” He highlights that consistent streaming on X, a social media platform, can attract larger audiences more quickly compared to traditional streaming platforms.

You can find Jimmy's X streams here.

The Future of X in Streaming

With user-friendly streaming capabilities, robust integration with Streamlabs, and effective engagement tools, X is well-positioned to become the next big streaming platform. Its support for diverse content and monetization options further enhances its appeal. As X continues to develop and refine its features, it has the potential to rival established streaming giants, offering a unique and engaging experience for both streamers and viewers.


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