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The Streaming Journey of Formamac: A Passion for Sharing and Programming

Updated: Jun 17

From Code Lines to Livestreams


Background and Early Beginnings

Formamac’s journey into the world of streaming is a tale of passion rekindled. It all began with lines of code on an Amstrad CPC 664, which ignited a lifelong interest in programming. “After typing lines of code on an Amstrad CPC 664, it was in 2020 that I resumed learning programming with Swift Playgrounds on an iPad,” he shares. This resurgence of interest led to the launch of the formamac Twitch channel in April 2021, marking the beginning of a new chapter in his life dedicated to sharing and teaching programming.

The Spark of Streaming

The motivation behind starting his streaming career was rooted in a genuine desire to connect and share knowledge. “The desire to share, discuss with other people, and present computer programming in a simple and fun way,” he explains. This enthusiasm for making complex topics accessible to a wider audience is what sets Formamac apart. His streamer name, Formamac, has been around for over a decade, originating from his individual business. This consistency in branding reflects his long-term commitment to his profession.

Professional Background

Before diving into the streaming world, Formamac was an Apple specialist, a role that continues to occupy his time due to the loyalty of his customers. “I am an Apple specialist (hardware and software) working with professionals and individuals. It’s a professional activity that always takes up my time because my customers are loyal,” he notes. Balancing this professional life with his streaming endeavors showcases his dedication and time management skills. His family and friends have been supportive, helping him navigate the scheduling adjustments required for streaming.

Navigating the Streaming Landscape


Favorite Moments and Challenges

One of the standout moments in Formamac’s streaming career was his participation in the Desert Bus of Hope 2024 charity event. “My IRL participation in a charity event. This is the Desert Bus of Hope 2024. Magical moments, beautiful encounters. It’s an experience I won’t soon forget,” he reminisces. However, the journey hasn’t been without its challenges. “Changing the streaming location and continuing the adventure alone was one of the major challenges to overcome,” he shares. Starting with no technical knowledge of streaming and building a community from scratch was a steep learning curve.

Personal Interests and Inspirations

Outside of streaming, Formamac has a variety of hobbies that keep him engaged and refreshed. “I have been karting for several years. I’m interested in motorcycling (I have my license and I watch MotoGP). Since 2024, I have had a vegetable garden: I try to grow fruits and vegetables!” he lists, showing a diverse range of interests. His inspiration comes from various content creators, especially those in the IT fields, although he doesn’t single out any one person. “I am inspired by other content creators. I also watch several streams in the IT fields,” he explains, indicating a broad spectrum of influences.

Content and Community Engagement

Formamac primarily streams content aimed at introducing people to programming in a simple and fun way. “I distribute content to introduce people to programming in a simple and fun way,” he says. The decision on what content to stream is influenced by trends and community feedback. “I consult many websites to keep myself informed of trends and events that are going to take place. I am asking for the opinion of my community,” he notes, highlighting the collaborative nature of his channel. His favorite streaming tool is OBS, known for its versatility and numerous tutorials.

Building a Community and Handling Challenges


Preparing for Streams and Engagement

Preparing for a stream involves several steps, from social media posts to technical checks. “I prepare posts for different social networks. Then, I configure OBS and do some technical checks (microphone, webcam, etc.). Finally, I take a deep breath and press the ‘Start Stream’ button,” he details. Engaging with the community is crucial for Formamac, who loves chatting with his viewers and running surveys to get their opinions. “I love chatting with viewers. There are also pixel animations that are displayed during streams and sometimes I run surveys to get their opinion!” he explains, showing his interactive approach.

Dealing with Trolls and Rewarding Interactions

Handling trolls and negative comments is managed efficiently by his moderation team. “I have an amazing moderation team. There are several tools that are configured. Together, we are very attentive and we act quickly so that this does not disturb viewers,” he shares. The most rewarding interactions come from the respectful and caring nature of his community. “My community is caring. The discussions are interesting and no one imposes their opinion. We don’t always agree but there is respect,” he notes, expressing gratitude for the positive environment his community fosters.

Technical Setup and Improvements

Formamac uses a MacBook Air 13-inch M1 and a variety of other equipment to ensure high-quality streams. “MacBook Air 13 pouces M1 (8 Go / 256 Go), 24’ Huawei screen, Logitech Pro X, Logitech M330 Silent Plus, webcam Angetube 967 Pro, iPhone SE 2, iPad, Elgato Key Light Air,” he lists, showcasing his well-equipped setup. Technical issues are part of the streaming experience, but he handles them with calm and composure. “I try not to panic and do my best to resolve the malfunctions,” he says, underscoring the importance of preparation and problem-solving.

Future Aspirations and Community Impact


Upcoming Improvements and Goals

Looking ahead, Formamac aims to improve the sound quality of his microphone and continually enhance his setup. “I want to improve the sound quality of the microphone. Currently, it’s a decent quality but I can do better,” he notes. His setup for managing chat involves using an iPad, which allows him to keep chat on a different screen and access chat options easily. Ensuring a smooth and high-quality stream involves having a capable computer and a reliable internet connection. “You must have a computer and an internet connection capable of guaranteeing a smooth, high-quality stream,” he advises.

Media Coverage and Stream Promotion

Formamac believes that streamers should receive more media coverage due to the influence and importance of content creation. “Streamers should get more media coverage. It is a recent profession and an influential content creation activity that occupies an important place in the media field,” he asserts. He promotes his streams through social media, connections with other streamers, Discord, and participating in events. “I post messages on my social networks, I connect with other people from streaming, I use Discord, and I participate in events,” he explains, highlighting a multifaceted approach to promotion.

Motivation and Future Content

Staying motivated during slower growth periods involves focusing on the positive aspects of streaming and continuous interaction with the community. “By staying focused on the positive aspects of streaming and continuously interacting with my community,” he says, describing his strategy. Giveaways have been effective in boosting engagement occasionally. “I have done giveaways occasionally, and they have been fairly effective in boosting engagement,” he adds. His advice for new streamers is to stay consistent and engage with their audience as much as possible. “Stay consistent and interact with your audience as much as possible,” he advises.

Vision for the Future

Formamac’s goals for the next year include growing his audience and improving the quality of his content. “To grow my audience and improve the quality of my content,” he shares. Monetizing his streaming efforts began with Twitch subs and commercial collaborations. While he acknowledges that the current state of monetization has room for improvement, he remains optimistic. “It has room for improvement, especially in terms of fairness and opportunities for smaller streamers,” he notes. His main sources of income from streaming include subscriptions and advertising.

Expanding Content and Long-term Goals

Collaborating with other streamers has brought new perspectives and content to his channel. “I met people from other communities and made different content than I usually offer,” he reflects. He plans to expand his content by offering new types and collaborating with more partners. “I will offer new content and work in collaboration with new partners and other streamers,” he says. Staying up-to-date with streaming trends involves visiting websites and chatting with other streamers.

The Ultimate Dream

Formamac’s ultimate dream as a streamer is to be self-sufficient. “To be self-sufficient,” he states, aiming for a sustainable career in streaming. He envisions maintaining a balanced work-life integration and hopes to keep his current equilibrium. “I hope my work/life balance will be the same as it is now. It wasn’t easy to find it and I want to keep it as long as possible,” he emphasizes. If he could stream with anyone, it would be Steve Jobs, a nod to his Apple roots and admiration for innovation. “Steve Jobs,” he answers, highlighting his inspiration.



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