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Spotlight on Raven: The Journey of a Barber-Turned-Streamer

Spotlight on Raven

Raven, also known as Snxgz in the online gaming community, is making waves as she transitions from a skilled barber to an up-and-coming streamer. Her engaging personality and genuine connection with her audience are already winning hearts. Let’s explore her early steps and future aspirations as she embarks on this exciting journey.

Transition from Barbering to Streaming

Raven’s adventure into streaming began with her work as a barber, where her talent for working with children and her love for drawing shone through. Reflecting on her journey, she shares, “I’m a barber, I work well with children, but streaming has always been my passion. I also love drawing.” Her friends, recognizing her natural humor and talent, encouraged her to give streaming a try. As she puts it, “I play video games a lot, and a lot of my friends that I play with always tell me I’m funny and to start streaming, so I did it.”

Her streaming name, Snxgz, comes from her role as a center in the NBA 2K series, highlighting her knack for grabbing rebounds. “I mainly stream 2K and I always make centers, so snxgz as in snagging the ball—that’s me!” she explains. Before diving into streaming, Raven was honing her barbering skills, a field she continues to hold dear.

Overcoming Obstacles with Support

Support from family and friends has been crucial as Raven navigates her new path. She notes, “They support me a lot, and they are actually helping me grow.” This encouragement is vital, especially during the early stages when viewer numbers might be low. “When it comes to streaming, I got to try and not care about having 0 viewers in my lives and just be me!” she shares.

A highlight of her streaming journey so far has been meeting other humorous and relaxed gamers. “So far it’s been meeting different people that’s also as funny as me and doesn’t take games so seriously.” This growing community and shared enjoyment are significant rewards in her early streaming days.

Diverse Interests and Influences

Raven’s hobbies, including drawing, skating, dancing, and barbering, enrich her personal life and add a unique touch to her streams. She draws inspiration from Kai Cenat, admiring his youthful success in the industry. “I like Kai Cenat, mainly because he’s young and if he can do it I know anybody can,” she states.

Being a female streamer in a predominantly male-dominated space adds another layer to her unique identity. When asked about a unique quality that sets her apart Raven responded. “That I’m a female,”. Specifically in Raven’s main niche of NBA 2k it’s true that viewership to female streamers is less supported. This analysis is very similar to viewership of the WNBA vs the NBA. However, with the current uptick in viewership to female sports leagues it’s sure to drive more traffic to female streamers within the 2k community.p, positioning raven in a unique space.

Creating Engaging Content

While NBA 2K24 is her primary game, Raven is eager to diversify her gaming content based on what her followers enjoy. “Mainly NBA 2K24, but I’m trying to get into other games,” she says. She tailors her streams to her audience’s preferences, which has helped her build a substantial following. “Based off my follower base and things I think they are going to like,” she explains. This strategy has been effective, with NBA 2K24 streams alone significantly boosting her follower count. “I can say I gained at least 100 followers so far from streaming it and playing with them.”

Raven enjoys both solo streams and collaborations, as long as they are entertaining and relaxed. “Both as long as it’s a chill and funny stream,” she notes. The unexpected gifts from her followers have been a delightful aspect of her journey, especially considering her relatively small audience. “The gifts I receive at such a low follower count. I definitely don’t expect the gifts to come in,” she says.

Staying Resilient and Positive

To combat the occasional lull in viewer engagement, Raven stays persistent by maintaining a regular streaming schedule. “I just keep going, trying to stream every day for long periods of time,” she shares. She finds tools like Streamlabs and TikTok Live Studio particularly user-friendly and effective. “I have so much experience with both from helping others. They are easy to use,” she says.

Mental preparation is crucial for Raven, especially when dealing with online trolls. “There are a lot of trolls in this world. Now and as a streamer, I see that!” she observes. Engaging with her community is a priority, and she makes a concerted effort to welcome everyone who joins her streams. “When they join my live, I try my best to welcome everyone and to play with them on whatever game I’m playing at the moment,” she states. Negative comments are handled by her moderators, allowing her to focus on the positive aspects of her streams. “I have mods now that remove them from my stream and I ignore them and carry on with my day,” she explains.

Aspirations and Future Plans

Looking ahead, Raven’s main aim is to grow and continue enjoying her streaming journey. “Just to grow and keep having fun being me,” she says. Collaborations with other streamers like GimmieDaBall513 and solo_cole are also part of her plans. “GimmieDaBall513 is a solid TikTok and Twitch streamer that I collab with sometimes, and solo_cole is a solid content creator on TikTok that I run with,” she mentions. Having friends to stream with always helps to increase viewership and grow your platform as a streamer.

Raven’s ultimate aspiration is to gain wider recognition and expand her follower base. She keeps up with industry trends by observing other streamers and their socials. “I watch a lot of other streamers and stay active on social media platforms to see what’s new,” she explains.

Raven’s evolution from a barber to the streamer Snxgz highlights her adaptability, creativity, and commitment. Her ability to foster a genuine connection with her audience, navigate challenges gracefully, and continually enhance her content sets her apart in the streaming world. As she looks to the future, Raven’s story remains one of determination, innovation, and excellence in the dynamic realm of streaming. We look forward to seeing Raven grow, in and outside of her niche as her streaming journey has only just begun.

You can find Raven on TikTok here!



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