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Noice Expands its platform with Valorant and New Creators

Image of Noice logo and Valorant logo separated by a white slash divider.

Noice Grows Game Selection


Noice, an innovative livestreaming platform designed by gamers for gamers, has announced an exciting addition to its game lineup: the popular FPS game, Valorant. This expansion is part of Noice’s mission to provide immersive and interactive streaming experiences. By incorporating Valorant, Noice aims to boost viewer engagement through real-time interactions, allowing viewers to earn points and make predictions as they watch their favorite creators stream high-octane gameplay. The platform’s unique features, such as customizable avatars and interactive elements, promise to enhance the viewer experience, making each stream more dynamic and engaging.

Noice has cultivated an extraordinarily innovative community during its beta phase. The addition of Valorant is expected to attract more users, solidifying Noice’s position as a significant player in the livestreaming industry. For a deeper dive into Noice’s innovative approach, a full interview with Noice’s VP of Growth is available here on LSNDB.

New Valorant Creators Join Noice

Image of 2 Valorant Characters with Noice aesthetic background. The words Valorant Creator scroll the side of the page.
Image credit: @noicestreaming on YouTube.

Noice is not only adding Valorant to its game roster but also welcoming a new wave of talented creators who specialize in Valorant gameplay. From the lighthearted cityscapes of ‘Split’ to the icy battlegrounds of ‘Icebox,’ these new streamers bring fresh perspectives and exciting content to the platform. This influx of diverse creators is part of Noice’s strategy to foster a vibrant and inclusive community, encouraging fans to engage more deeply with the content and the creators they love.

The platform’s focus on inclusivity and diversity in its creator community ensures a rich variety of content that appeals to a broad audience. For a comprehensive list of the new Valorant creators joining Noice, readers can visit the platform’s official site here.

New Noice Content

Image of new Valorant cards for Noice Livestreaming Platform
Image credit: @noicestreaming on YouTube

In addition to new creators and the integration of Valorant, Noice is rolling out fresh content designed to enhance user engagement. While “Playing the Stream,” users will be able to make new predictions specifically tailored for Valorant gameplay. These predictions allow users to earn points that can be used to collect brand-new cards from packs, adding a layer of gamification to the viewing experience.

Noice’s commitment to continuously updating and expanding its content library ensures that users always have something new to look forward to. The platform currently offers a diverse array of games and a wide variety of streamers, providing endless entertainment options for its users. With the addition of Valorant, Noice is well-positioned to integrate even more high-quality games into its platform, promising an exciting future for its community.



Noice’s strategic additions of new games like Valorant and the recruitment of diverse, talented creators highlight its commitment to providing an unparalleled livestreaming experience. By continuously enhancing its platform with innovative features and content, Noice is setting itself apart in the competitive gaming industry. As Noice continues to evolve, it remains a company to watch closely, promising exciting developments and a vibrant community for gamers worldwide. For those eager to explore the latest collaboration from Noice, you can find their exciting announcement video here.



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