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Meet BlueMemph1s, The Unstoppable Streamer Bridging Passion and Community-LSNDB Streamer Interview

Early Life and The Road to Streaming

Background and Early Years

BlueMemph1s, known for his engaging and entertaining streams, hails originally from Europe. He moved to the USA 15 years ago, bringing with him a rich tapestry of experiences and a deep passion for gaming. “I have an IT background and have done many things in my life,” he shares, hinting at a diverse career that paved the way for his current path. His transition to the United States marked a significant chapter in his life, blending European roots with American opportunities.

The Birth of BlueMemph1s

The origin of his streamer name is as unique as his persona. “It’s a mix of the color of my eyes and ‘Gone in 60 Seconds,’” he explains, combining personal traits with pop culture. This blend of personal and popular references not only makes his name memorable but also reflects his creative approach to streaming. Before diving into the streaming world, he leveraged his IT skills across various roles, earning a reputation that some might call “the most interesting man in the world.” His technical expertise provided a solid foundation for the technical demands of streaming.

Motivation to Stream

BlueMemph1s’s journey into live streaming was driven by his love for gaming and entertaining others. “I love to play and talk and entertain,” he says, encapsulating the core of his streaming philosophy. This passion for interaction and engagement has been a key driver of his success. His family and friends, while supportive, remain indifferent to his streaming career, giving him the freedom to pursue his passion without external pressures. “They don’t care,” he admits, allowing him to focus solely on his growth and content.

Daily Life and Challenges of Streaming

Favorite Moments and Daily Struggles

For BlueMemph1s, the most rewarding moments are simple fun. “When I’m having a blast with my viewers,” he reflects, highlighting the joy of shared experiences. However, the daily challenges are not lost on him. “Challenge is every day pressing the button to go live, also learning how to grow,” he acknowledges. The routine of going live and the constant quest for growth are hurdles he faces head-on, using his mental resilience and community support as tools to overcome these challenges.

Hobbies and Inspirations

Outside of streaming, BlueMemph1s has a plethora of hobbies that keep him grounded. “Hockey, mountain biking, drift racing, motorcycles,” he lists, showing a love for adrenaline and physical activity. These hobbies not only provide a break from the screen but also fuel his energetic persona on stream. His biggest inspiration in the streaming world is not a single figure but rather a composite of influences. “I follow Kotton, but he’s not my inspiration. I try to do what I know and can,” he explains, emphasizing his unique approach to content creation.

Content Choices

BlueMemph1s primarily streams games and podcasts, choosing content based on his personal interests. “Whatever I like,” he states simply. His favorite content to stream, however, is podcasts. “I love to do interviews,” he says, enjoying the conversational format that allows for deeper engagement and exploration of topics.

Engaging Content and Future Aspirations

Collaboration and Keeping Content Fresh

Collaboration is a significant part of BlueMemph1s’s strategy, provided the other streamer matches his vibe. “Collabs are fun if the other streamer matches your vibe,” he notes. This emphasis on chemistry ensures that his collaborative efforts are seamless and enjoyable. Keeping content fresh is something he does effortlessly. “Every day is a new day. It does it automatically,” he claims, suggesting that his dynamic personality naturally infuses new energy into his streams daily.

Handling Trolls and Viewer Engagement

Dealing with negative comments and trolls is part of the streaming experience. For BlueMemph1s, the solution is straightforward. “There is a block button,” he says, demonstrating a no-nonsense approach to maintaining a positive environment. His favorite way to interact with his viewers is through talking, creating a direct and personal connection. “Talking,” he states simply, highlighting the importance of communication in building a loyal community.

Memorable Interactions and Community Influence

One of the most rewarding interactions for BlueMemph1s was giving away a PC to a viewer. “When I can help them somehow. We gave away a PC. That was fun,” he recalls, reflecting on the joy of giving back to his community. While his community hasn’t significantly influenced his streaming style, he hopes that everyone who visits finds something they like. “What I would love to see is that everyone who comes by finds something that they like,” he says, showing his dedication to creating inclusive content.

Technical Setup and Industry Insights

Gear and Technical Issues

BlueMemph1s’s streaming setup is robust, featuring a dual PC setup and an array of gear. “I have a dual PC setup and a lot of gear,” he details, underscoring the importance of high-quality equipment. Despite this, technical issues are a common occurrence. “Yes, plenty. Every time a different way,” he admits, showcasing his problem-solving skills and adaptability. His preferred streaming software is OBS, praised for its simplicity and reliability. “OBS. Simple, clean, no issues,” he notes.

Learning and Improving

His IT background has been instrumental in managing the technical side of streaming. “I have an IT background,” he explains, which makes navigating the complexities of streaming more manageable. For new streamers setting up their space, his advice is straightforward: “Just go live and see if you even like it.” This pragmatic approach encourages aspiring streamers to dive in and learn through experience.

Future Improvements and Updates

Currently, BlueMemph1s doesn’t see the need for significant improvements to his setup. However, he is planning an exciting venture of streaming from a laptop during a three-month stay in Europe. “Nothing at the moment. I’m going to be 3 months in Europe and will stream from a laptop, so that will be a fun event,” he shares. This adaptability showcases his willingness to embrace new challenges and environments.

Goals and Vision for the Future

Goals for the Next Year

Looking ahead, BlueMemph1s’s primary goal for his streaming career in the next year is to gain more followers. This goal, while straightforward, reflects his desire for growth and broader reach. “More followers,” he states, indicating a focus on expanding his community.

Monetization and Industry Views

Monetizing streaming has been a challenging journey for BlueMemph1s. “I became verified,” he says about how he started. However, he holds a critical view of the current monetization state. “Abysmal,” he describes it, expressing a need for better recognition and support for streamers. His advice for handling donations and subscriptions is clear: “Don’t sell yourself cheap and out,” he emphasizes, advocating for fair compensation and value.

Long-Term Aspirations

In the long term, BlueMemph1s dreams of being self-sufficient through streaming. “To be self-sufficient,” he shares, aiming for a sustainable and independent streaming career. He stays up-to-date with streaming trends through platforms like Twitter and YouTube, ensuring his content remains relevant and engaging. “Twitter, YouTube,” he lists as his go-to sources for staying informed.

Vision for the Industry

BlueMemph1s hopes to see significant improvements in the streaming industry, particularly in better pay and discoverability for streamers. “Better pay, better way for people to find others,” he hopes, envisioning a more supportive ecosystem for content creators. Despite the challenges, his passion for streaming and community engagement shines through, promising a bright future for his channel.



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