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Levi Boley: A Tech-Savvy Streamer’s Journey

From Tech Worker to Content Creator


Background and Early Beginnings

Levi Boley’s journey into the streaming world is as fascinating as it is diverse. With a career spanning over two decades in the tech industry, Levi has always been at the cutting edge of technology. “I’ve been a tech worker for a couple of decades,” he shares, highlighting his extensive experience. As a former Managing Editor for Curse Gaming, he covered significant gaming events, including the lead-up to the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO. His initial foray into streaming saw him regularly playing Path of Exile, and he has recently reignited his passion for content creation with Helldivers 2.

The Catalyst for Streaming

Levi’s transition into live streaming was driven by a combination of his tech affinity and a desire to make his gaming more productive. “My affinity for tech and applications like GIMP and AI tools, along with a general sense of time wasted by only gaming without leveraging that into something more productive,” he explains. This pragmatic approach highlights his ability to merge passion with productivity, making the most of his interests. His streamer name, Drauul, originates from a Star Wars roleplay text MUD, where his character’s legendary exploits left an indelible mark on his gaming identity.

Balancing Professional Life

Despite his streaming commitments, Levi continues to work full-time as an IT manager. This dual role showcases his impressive time management skills and dedication. “I still work full-time as an IT manager,” he states, reflecting his ability to balance a demanding job with his streaming passion. His wife initially encouraged him to start streaming, but not without some mixed feelings. “My wife encouraged me to start, but after seeing how much time and effort it takes, I think she regrets it,” he admits candidly.

The Streaming Experience


Favorite Moments and Challenges

One of Levi’s most cherished moments in his streaming career was hitting his sub goal on YouTube. “Hitting 500 subs on YouTube and hearing viewers say that after spending hundreds of hours in a game, I still tell them things they never knew,” he shares, highlighting the impact of his content. However, the journey has not been without challenges. “Technical difficulties with cameras and hardware bottlenecks,” he reveals, pointing to the inevitable tech issues that streamers face. His resilience and problem-solving skills have helped him navigate these obstacles.

Personal Interests and Inspirations

Outside of streaming, Levi enjoys cooking, a hobby that offers a creative outlet away from the screen. “Cooking,” he mentions simply, reflecting a passion that complements his tech-centric life. In the streaming world, his biggest inspiration is Prodig, also known as codprodigyx. This influence underscores Levi’s appreciation for skilled and dedicated content creators. A surprising fact about Levi is that he nearly died in a kitchen fire during college, a harrowing experience that left him with lasting scars. “I almost died to a kitchen fire in college and carry the scars today,” he shares, adding a personal and poignant detail to his story.

Content Choices and Community Engagement

Levi primarily streams gaming content, choosing games based on what is trending and his personal interests. “What is trending and what I want to play,” he says, indicating a balance between market trends and personal preference. His favorite content to stream is Helldivers 2, a game he finds both fun and nuanced. “Helldivers 2 as it is a fun game with lots of nuance and things to share,” he explains. While he prefers solo streaming, he remains open to collaborations. “Solo but open,” he notes, highlighting his flexible approach.

Maintaining and Growing the Channel


Keeping Content Fresh

To keep his content fresh and engaging, Levi focuses on added value. “Added value content. Can’t be lazy, you have to answer the viewer’s call to action. Like playing Jeopardy,” he explains, emphasizing the importance of interactive and informative content. His preparation for streams involves creating thumbnails, ensuring the scene and lighting are right, and making sure all tech is running smoothly. “Make a thumbnail, make sure the scene and lighting is right. All the tech is running, and that is it,” he details.

Handling Slumps and Trolls

During streaming slumps, Levi’s strategy is to keep talking and stay engaged. “Just keep on talking, don’t stop, say what is happening and what you are thinking,” he advises, underscoring the importance of maintaining a lively stream. Trolls and negative comments are dealt with decisively. “Ban them if possible, not always if no mods are available. Otherwise, just ignore them,” he shares, demonstrating his no-nonsense approach to maintaining a positive environment.

Community Influence and Viewer Interaction

Levi’s community has played a significant role in helping him improve his streaming setup. “Helping me increase the quality of my video and audio by troubleshooting,” he notes, highlighting the collaborative effort. His favorite way to interact with viewers is through chat during streams. “On stream reading chat,” he says, emphasizing real-time engagement. Viewer feedback is important to him, as long as it is constructive and actionable. “If it is something I can change, it is valuable. If it has to do with my looks, my speech, or my personality, they can get lost,” he states firmly.

Technical Setup and Future Aspirations


Gear and Technical Management

Levi’s streaming setup is comprehensive, featuring a Sony ZV1 with a capture card, a PS5 with an HD60X capture card, a custom-built PC, dual monitors, and various other pieces of equipment. “Sony ZV1 with a capture card. PS5 with HD60X capture card. Custom Built PC for games and video processing and editing. Dual monitors. Softbox. SteelSeries Alias mic with boom. Elgato green screen,” he lists, showcasing his commitment to high-quality production. Technical issues are part and parcel of streaming, but Levi handles them with calm efficiency. “I ended up having to lean on console and capture card to output the quality and recordings I desired,” he explains.

Preferred Software and Learning

OBS is Levi’s preferred streaming software due to its technical capabilities and cost-effectiveness. “OBS, it is both technically satisfying, cheap, and powerful,” he says. His background in tech has made learning the technical side of streaming relatively straightforward. “I am in tech, so it comes naturally. I can learn most software in an hour or two,” he shares, reflecting his confidence and expertise. For new streamers, his advice is practical: “Follow YouTube guides or ask AI,” he recommends.

Future Improvements and Goals

Looking ahead, Levi plans to enhance his setup with more softbox lights and a more powerful PC to facilitate a dual PC setup. “More softbox lights. A more powerful PC so I can run dual PC instead of the console,” he outlines. He updates his streaming gear as finances allow, balancing upgrades with affordability. “When I feel I can afford it,” he notes. Managing chat during live streams involves using Restream’s consolidated chat docks, ensuring he stays connected with his viewers.

Vision and Aspirations

Expanding Content and Long-term Vision

Levi sees YouTube long-form content as key to building an audience and plans to continue expanding his content offerings. “YouTube long-form content is key in my opinion to building an audience,” he says. He aims to hit 1,000 subscribers on YouTube and secure sponsors in the next year. “Hit 1000 subs on YouTube and get some sponsors,” he shares. Monetizing his streams has been a gradual process, starting with YouTube subs and planning to add super chats and members-only podcasts.

Insights on Monetization

Levi is still exploring the monetization landscape and acknowledges that there is room for improvement. “Not sure yet,” he says about the fairness of platform monetization, indicating an open but cautious approach. His main sources of income from streaming are subscriptions and advertising. Unexpected costs, such as purchasing streaming equipment, are part of the journey, but Levi takes them in stride. “Purchasing equipment that I use during streams, such as electronic components,” he lists among the costs.

Collaboration and Community Events

Collaborating with other streamers has been important for growth but can sometimes lead to drama. “Pretty important but can lead to beef, jealousy, and drama,” he admits. He has participated in various streaming events and tournaments, enriching his experience and expanding his reach. “Yes,” he answers simply when asked about event participation. The best way to approach other streamers for collaborations, according to Levi, is to engage with them on platforms like Twitter and Reddit. “Jump into an X space or follow their stream,” he suggests.

Future Vision and Big Projects

Looking ahead five years, Levi envisions his channel growing significantly, aiming for 150,000 subscribers and regular streams with 200 viewers. “150k subs with 200 viewer regular streams, maybe full time,” he dreams. He is always working on new features and projects, with Elden Ring DLC being a current focus. “Always working on features, Elden Ring DLC next,” he shares, indicating a commitment to ongoing improvement and content diversification.

Staying Motivated and Balanced

Staying motivated during slower growth periods is all about consistency for Levi. “Just keep grinding. It is all about consistency,” he emphasizes. Balancing life and consistent streaming is challenging, but he manages with coffee and promised date nights. “Very difficult. You burn the candle from both ends. Coffee and promised date nights that you follow through on,” he advises. His ultimate goal is to become self-sufficient through streaming, a testament to his dedication and passion.

Keep an Eye on Levi

Levi Boley's journey from a seasoned tech worker to a dedicated streamer is a testament to his passion, resilience, and innovation. With a rich background in technology and a unique approach to content creation, he has steadily built a loyal community that values his expertise and engaging personality. As he continues to expand his reach and enhance his streaming setup, Levi's commitment to high-quality content and interactive engagement remains unwavering. Whether it's through his detailed YouTube videos, insightful streams of Helldivers 2, or his ever-evolving technical prowess, Levi Boley is a creator on the rise. Keep your eyes on this dynamic streamer as he navigates the digital landscape with skill and enthusiasm, promising even more exciting content and milestones in the future.



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