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Kai Cenat Redefines Streaming With Star-Studded Guests in 2024

collage image of Kai Cenat and a few of his stream guests from 2024

Kai Cenat: Livestreaming Icon


Kai Cenat the 2-time winning 'Streamer of the Year', has had an amazing year so far on stream. He recently broke the record for most viewed stream. Kai’s stream hit a peak viewership of 712.6K viewers, surpassing the previous Ninja’s famous Fortnite stream with Drake in 2018, which received 644.8K viewers. The stream lasted 11.5 hours and had a total of 4.95 million unique viewers shattering Ninja’s record of 3.13 million unique viewers over 22.5 hours. A large part of Kai’s success can be attributed to his very star-studded guests that he features on his stream. In this article we’re going to take a look at some of Kai’s best guests from 2024.


Featured in Kai’s aforementioned record-breaking stream, Druski is a beloved internet comedian. Kai and Druski have collaborated in the past numerous times, but with Druki’s career reaching new heights it made for a joyous reunion between the two. Both Druki and Kai are at the top of class in their respective lanes of online stardom. Their collabs always leave a smile on your face with some engaging fun and hilarious moments.

Kevin Hart

Kai brings out Kevin Hart for a 'short king' takeover. Kevin is an extremely famous comedian and Actor known for his comedy standup and movies like “Lift”. The two have a very exciting stream together. Kai finds joy in introducing Kevin to internet trends that he knows nothing about. Kevin enjoys the active live chat in the stream, never having done a stream of Kai's caliber before. It's nice to see Kevin truly eager to engage with both his and Kai’s fans. Overall, the stream was very funny and a delight to watch.

Kai Cenat and North West at her Birthday Celebration

North West

The famous from birth and one of a kind North West, was surprised by Kai Cenat for her 11th birthday by Kai and his friend and common collaborator Ray. While not a guest to Kai’s Stream, Kai posted a YouTube video of the two. Kai Stayed with North for the majority of her birthday. The two and their entourages spent the day painting bears, ding-dong ditching, and taking to the street to surprise fans with their appearance. Kai kept it PG for the day being respectful of North and her friend's age. This is great considering some streamers struggle with child friendly interactions in settings outside of the internet. Overall, North and Kai seemed to have a great day making the collaboration a massive success.


Jynxi, the very animated Rainbow 6 Siege streamer and friend to Kai Cenat, have collaborated numerous times. Both have been featured on each other's streams multiple times this year. Whether they are playing Siege together (A game that Kai does not play regularly nor is he acclimated to.) or challenging each other to wagers in a variety of games, the two are always respectful of each other and have a great time on stream.

screenshot from Shannon Sharps Nightcap stream featuring Kai Cenat

Shannon Sharp

Kai Started out the year playing in an NBA celebrity game coached by the sports commentator turned talk show host Shannon Sharp. He joined Shannon on his digital show ‘Nightcap’ where the two have a heated and playful back and forth about their lackluster performance in the basketball game. Shannon Matches Kais energy making for a very spirited conversation on stream.

side by side image of Kai Cenat and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

A Booogie Wit Da Hooodie

In a long-awaited stream Kai collabs with A Boogie With Da Hoodie. The acclaimed rapper and Kai have a chill stream together celebrating New York vibes while playing NBA2k. The two wager a 10k bet with the loser also having to take a fully clothed shower and a few shots. The two talk music, New York, and life while gaming, making for a fun and calm stream.


In a somehow controversial stream Kai invites rising pop star Tyla to his stream. Tyla known for her hit song “water” has a lighthearted and kind aura which blends perfectly with Kai’s kind high energy self. The stream is full of great vibes and a moment the internet will never let go where Kai tries to “shoot his shot” with Tyla to no avail. Overall, the stream is full of laughter and light as Kai and Tyla have a fun time together.

Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed(Speed) eating poorlyy ccooked fried chicken


No stranger to each other, Kai invites fellow streamer IShowSpeed(Speed) to cook some chicken and waffles with him. The two prepare for their cheffing by going to Walmart where they are met with controversy for well, existing. The stream highlights the divide in ages and cultures in America when they are met with aggression from a random passerby over them streaming in the Walmart. While the two are very rambunctious they are without ill-will making interactions like this hard to understand and frustrating to watch. Luckily the two finish their trip to Walmart and get to enjoy some terribly cooked chicken and waffles together. The stream still featured all the fun we know from Speed and Kai despite the adversity they may have faced.

A photo of Kai Cenat and his father on Kais Livestream

Kai's Father

Kai in a never before done for his channel Father's Day stream shares his father on live for the first time. Kais comradery with his dad makes for a heartwarming stream as we get a look behind the screen and fame to see Kai's excitement in sharing his massive viewership with his dad. It's extremely important for streamers to show their personal side with their viewers. It both humanizes them to their audience well giving viewers an opportunity to remember that streamers are ordinary people too.

21 Savage

21 Savage a hip-hop star and rapper known for hit songs like "A Lot" and " Bank Account", returns to Kai Cenat's Stream for a 2nd time. Their previous collaboration gained significant traction online with their fans making this new collab an even bigger success. The two play 2k and chat about life and music in a relaxed and funny stream. Kai and 21 have an interesting dynamic as Kais dynamic energy blends irregularly with 21's more relaxed vibe. Though not personalities you'd expect to work together on paper, somehow the two don't clash and the stream is very fun to watch.

Who's Next on Stream


Kai has had an award-winning joyous year on stream. With his amount of viewership and success comes a lot of responsibility that it seems Kai is handling with great care and compassion. We currently have no idea who could be the next guest for Kai Cenat but from the already wide celeb spread we've seen this year we can guess Kai will have quite a few more large collaborations to come this year.


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